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The average home price in metro Denver was four hundred and four thousand three hundred thirty-five dollars the median home price was three hundred and fifty thousand dollars sales volume was right about two point two six.

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Six billion there were five thousand six South Denver Realtor hundred and four real estate transactions within miles of Denver in September of there is a proximate there was approximately one point four months of real estate inventory on.

The market at the end of Sep tember there’s a proxy there were listings within miles of Denver at the end of Sep tember and south Denver realtor the average days on market for a real estate listing was days and the median days on market was days the average home price in metro Denver is up almost thirteen point nine percent year-over-year from four dollars in September to four hundred and four thousand.

Three hundred and thirty-five dollars in September

The average home price is down almost two percent month over month from four hundred and twelve thousand four hundred seventeen dollars in July two thousand six sorry August this is.

The third straight month of decline but matches the previous year’s pattern median home price in metro Denver is up south Denver realtor almost twelve percent year-over-year from thousand five hundred dollars in September too, in September.

The median home price in metro Denver is . percent less than the median home price in August metro Denver real estate volume went down ten percent month over month to two point two six six billion continuing the traditional seasonal slowdown.

It was twenty-four point three percent higher than the. billion in sales in September of there were five thousand six hundred and four metro Denver real estate sales in September.

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